Toimintalinja 2 (EAKR) | 02.01.2015 – 31.12.2016 | Pohjanmaa

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Vaasan yliopisto (Petri Välisuo, Birgitta Martinkauppi)

Oy Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu – Vasa yrkeshögskola Ab (Jari Koski)

Ab Yrkeshögskolan vid Åbo Akademi Novia (John Dahlbacka)

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Hankkeen rahoittaja: Pirkanmaan liitto + yritykset
EURA-tunnus: EURA 2014/880/09 02 01 01/2014/PL
Toteuttajaorganisaatio: Vaasan yliopisto, VAMK and Novia
Maakunta: Pohjanmaa
Aloituspäivä: 02.01.2015
Lopetuspäivä: 31.12.2016
Budjetti: 50000-100000 €
Toimintalinja: Toimintalinja 2 (EAKR)
Erityistavoite: Tutkimus-, osaamis- ja innovaatiokeskittymien kehittäminen

Lyhyt selostus hankkeesta:

Smart protection and control systems of the power grid, like protection relays, are one of the most important products of the Vaasa Energy Cluster. The telecommunication between these protection units has been recently standardised. The IEC 61850 standard requires further education of the electrical engineering professionals and creates demand for multivendor interoperability testing and research. For this purposes the energy cluster has already established the DEMVE laboratory.

The aim of the eDEMVE project is to connect new products from local SME:s and other companies in to the laboratory, either permanently or virtually. Additionally, the facilities of the laboratory will be made more flexibly available also for those companies whose equipment are not physically installed into the laboratory. The laboratory will be better suited to research, education and testing of IEC 61850 standard version ed2. To achieve the aims, this project will implement a remote login system for laboratory. The remote login system will connect DEMVE laboratory and a laboratory of a company. The system will be tested for its performace and
limitations. A booking system will be realized to allow flexible reservation for the use of equipment. The purpose of the second work package is to add a new substation protection relay rack which contains devices using IEC 61850 edt2 standard. Connecting the distributed energy production units to DEMVE laboratory using IEC 61850 will be tested after the implementation of IEC 61850 ed2 support and the remote login system. SCADA system will be tested similarly for IEC 61850 equipment as well as for control and monitoring devices using IEC 61850 ed2 applied to distributed energy production. The properties of the system and operating instructions will be documented on the virtual learning environment in which the current XML-documentation of DEMVE laboratory will be also transferred.



The expected results are:
1. The remote operation of the DEMVE laboratory from the partner laboratorios for testing, research or education purposes
2. Improved support for the testing of the telecommunication requirements of distributed energy sources.
3. Better support for new version (Edition 2) of the IEC 61850 standard
4. New substation rack into the DEMVE laboratory.
5. Education material for network based e–learning.
6. Better support for the control and monitoring of the distributed energy sources, according to the IEC 61850 standard, using SCADA and information integration systems.
7. Possibilities to fast IEC 61850 acceptance testing between subcontractor chains without purchasing new hardware

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