Satakunta Engineering Centre

The main objective is to increase RDI intensity throughout the Satakunta region.

Toimintalinja 2 (EAKR) | 01.12.2015 – 31.12.2017 | Satakunta

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Hankkeen rahoittaja: Pirkanmaan liitto
EURA-tunnus: A71341
Toteuttajaorganisaatio: Prizztech Oy
Maakunta: Satakunta
Aloituspäivä: 01.12.2015
Lopetuspäivä: 31.12.2017
Budjetti: 100000-500000 €
Toimintalinja: Toimintalinja 2 (EAKR)
Erityistavoite: Tutkimus-, osaamis- ja innovaatiokeskittymien kehittäminen

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The main objective of this project is to increase research, development and innovation (RDI) intensity throughout the Satakunta region. Although the area is one of the most industrialized regions in Finland, the share of the RDI activity and public financing is relatively low.

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Technology industry is the most important industrial sector in Satakunta region. RDI services related to its needs are provided for example by TUT Rauma (hydraulics), Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (automation) and Prizztech (magnet technology). Over the years Prizztech has co-operated with area’s technology industry, and
developed high-quality services related to modeling, simulation and computing. TUT and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences have similar experiences in their own fields of expertise. By networking and strengthening these competencies, new services and innovative solutions could be generated. These operations will also increase the RDI intensity in the area, and strengthen the renewal of industrial activity.

As the rate of change in industrial RDI has accelerated, there is a growing need for high-quality services which help companies to speed up product development, simulate new solutions and lower RDI costs. The specific challenge in this project is to further develop Prizztech’s services and competencies related to electromagnetism, modelling and simulation.

The objectives of this project are approached by demonstrating new services and building pilot solutions in close cooperation with industry. The important element is also networking with TUT and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, and finding new ways of working together. The idea is to bring together key players across the whole RDI chain, from research and product and process development to prototyping, demonstration and full scale implementation within area’s industry.


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